UCLA News: Bruin Athletes Set to Return with the Beginning of Four-Phase Plan

Most professional sports have begun to work their way back towards their respective seasons. However, the looming question was, when would college sports begin their return, especially football which has its season just on the horizon. 

According to the LA Times, all athletes involved in fall sports would be able to return to campus to begin training for their upcoming seasons. Starting Monday, June 22 a four-phase plan will begin to ensure the safety of athletes before any start to a season is announced. The first phase involves a three to ten-day period of local athletes returning to campus followed by a second phase of workouts in groups of ten or fewer. Once those two phases are clear with no setbacks, phase three will kick in which involves full team practices. Of course, phase four is the return of competitive play. 

For now, we’ll have to see how phase one pans out as athletes make their return back to UCLA. Local athletes, as well as athletes who make their way back to Southern California by way of driving, will be immediately tested for the Coronavirus. Those athletes who fly back will have to undergo a seven-day quarantine and must produce negative results before being allowed to join in on workouts. 

The start of such workouts right now is voluntary and athletes who do not wish to return can do so and return at a later date. The Pac-12 had previously announced that teams could return to start workouts on June 15 but schools could determine when that officially would start. It’s a positive sign for the return of Bruin football. As long as athletes can remain healthy and the four-phase plan is a success, fans may get to watch their favorite college team yet again. 

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