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Dodgers Prospect Analysis with ESPN Insider Kiley McDaniel

Last week ESPN insider Kiley McDaniel released his farm system rankings for all 30 MLB teams. During an undoubtedly busy time in his schedule, Kiley was kind enough to join DodgersNation.com for an exclusive chat about the list, and some Dodgers prospect talk. WATCH McDaniel breaks down how his prospect ranking system works, and how […] More

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Says All Options to Play Should Be Considered

Dodgers fans want nothing more than to see their team back out on the field. That’s what any sports fan wants right now, but with the understanding that there are more urgent matters at hand for now. The league is doing everything it can with the limited information it has and pushing towards getting their […] More

Dodgers: ESPN Talks Mookie Betts’ Loyalty to Los Angeles

The last thing that Dodgers fans want to hear is that this hiatus will cost us more than just games. The COVID-19 virus that shut down most of the world made it’s way into baseball, and has worried officials across the league. So much so that the possibility that there are no games played in […] More

Dodgers: Justin Turner Teams with Wife for Glorious Opening Day Video

As opening day came and went but never actually came this past week, emotions were all over the place for baseball fans. While the baseline was sadness, some folks put on a brave face while making the best of the situation. Amonst the people that brave-faced it and still proudly celebrated opening day, Dodgers third […] More

Dodgers: Mookie Betts Should Thrive in His New Outfield

If you can win a gold glove playing at one of the most complicated outfields in the league, then you should be just fine playing for the Dodgers. That is exactly the case with Mookie Betts, who played six seasons in Boston’s complicated Fenway Park.  When the Dodgers traded for Mookie Betts in February of […] More

Dodgers Announcer Joe Davis BBQ Pizza Recipe and Cooking Lesson

Dodgers play-by-play man Joe Davis is keeping fans entertained and his family fed all in one fair swoop. While best applying the single effort, multiple results mantra, Davis has taken to social media during this baseball shut down to welcome us into his home for BBQing tips, tricks, and recipes. In his latest culinary watch-a-long, […] More

MLB News: Red Sox Scandal Wrapping Up, Astros Issue Apologies, And Baseball Has the Terms to Start Baseball!

MLB got a little bit of good news and a little more bad news this week with plenty of new agreements. The Player’s Union came together with the league to discuss terms of the hiatus, we well as the terms as to how baseball could get started. One of the most pressing matters in MLB […] More

Dodgers News: Aerial Renovation Updates, Bad News on Mookie, Vin’s Message, and More!

For not having any baseball this week, Dodgers fans sure did have quite a bit to talk about. From stadium renovation updates to Vin Scully making an appearance, it was a busy week in Los Angeles.  Things got a little bit exciting when we got another look at Dodger Stadium’s renovations. The aerial footage came […] More

MLB News: Former Astros Player Taunts Mike Fiers

You know it's a rough time in sports when all we have to talk about is a Tweet that send the internet into a...

20 Best Dodgers Playoff Games to Watch

A few days ago, I provided a list of 18 classic regular season games from the past to tide fans over as the 2020 regular season continues to be delayed. Now it’s time for the best postseason games to watch as well! Luckily, these are more readily available in their full length online, so they […] More

Latest news

Dodgers: MLB May Have a New Date for Opening Day Circled on its Calendar

Dodgers fans are used to Opening Day being placed in March or at the very least a home opener in April. The coronavirus has put a temporary hold on that though, leaving fans to wonder when we will finally get to see baseball. As it turns out, the league is considering one holiday in particular […] More

Dodgers: 2019 Playoff Baseballs Were De-Juiced, According to New Study

Between the Astros and Red Sox investigations, controversial new rule changes, and the COVID-19 pandemic, Rob Manfred and the commissioner’s office have had their hands full these past few months. Another new story came to light Tuesday morning, this one regarding the baseballs in the 2019 postseason. *juiced baseball scoop!*so, those funky balls from the […] More

Lakers News: Los Angeles Players Symptom Free After Positive Tests

The Lakers look to be making out okay after two players tested positive for COVID-19 a few weeks back. The team completed their 14-day...

MLB News: Baseball Has a Decision on Minor League Pay During Hiatus

MLB is making things right with their players in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. After agreeing to player-friendly deals with the player’s union in regards to service time, the pay of minor league players was the next thing to be discussed. As it turns out, the league is more than willing to work with […] More

Dodgers: Justin Turner and Joc Pederson Affected by New MLB Agreement

It might be one of the most difficult times in history to be a Dodgers fan right now. Even more than losing back-to-back World Series, the last six months have been wild for fans in Los Angeles. The Astros cheating scandal just reminded us that we should have had our first championship since 1988, and […] More
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