Rams News: Cam Akers Leads LA on Thursday Night Football

The decline of former Ram Todd Gurley led the team to seek a younger, healthier replacement. They thought they found one when they traded up in the 2019 Draft to nab Darrell Henderson. However, after Henderson failed to live up to expectations, the Rams decided to take Cam Akers in the 2020 Draft. The Rams decided to start the season with a running back by committee approach which seemed like a decent idea at the time.

 However, that approach may be coming to an end as the real Cam Akers has finally arrived. The first year back racked up 171 rushing yards on 29 carries during the team’s game against the Pats. He also managed to haul in two receptions for an extra 23 yards. That kind of production is no small feat against a formidable Patriots defense.

Catch all the highlights below!


While he didn’t start the season too well, Akers just showed the type of player he could be. Los Angeles has always had confidence in the rookie. That confidence has paid off as the past couple of weeks have seen him come alive for the Rams’ offense.

First 11 games: 

  • 50 carries, 201 rushing yards
  • 3 receptions, 27 receiving yards 

Last 3 games: 

  • 59 carries, 327 rushing yards, 2 TD
  • 3 receptions, 45 receiving yards

It shouldn’t be a shock that Akers can put up some big numbers. Just look at his time at Florida State. With the abbreviated training camp and no preseason to get some work in, it’s taken some time for Cam to get adjusted to the NFL. Suffering a rib injury that caused him to miss two weeks doesn’t help either. When he returned, Sean McVay wanted to limit his workload until he knew Akers was fully healthy. Well, the secret is out, Akers is healthy and ready to become the Rams’ running back of the future. 

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