Rams News: Jalen Ramsey Gives Back to the Community

The trade for Jalen Ramsey was the most notable addition to the Rams roster in the past year. He’s left little doubt that he’s one of the best if not the best corners in the game today. His presence on the team has had an impact on the team’s top-5 defense. However, he’s also decided to make an impact off of the field as well.

During this giving season, Ramsey has decided to purchase $20,000 in grocery gift cards that will be handed out to those who need the help at a Turkey giveaway in Inglewood. There couldn’t be a greater time to perform such an act of kindness than during a pandemic. 

His recent act signs up with the values of the Rams’ organization. The organization itself as well as other players have gone above and beyond to make an impact in the community. They’ve shown that the lights on the field aren’t too bright to make them forget those who are less fortunate. 

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