Rams News: 3 Keys for the Rams’ Week 2 Matchup Against the Philadelphia Eagles


The Los Angeles Rams came out on top during Week 1 with a 20-17 win over the Dallas Cowboys. It was the perfect way to open up the season in their brand new stadium. This week the Rams will take on a Philadelphia Eagles team that is seeking to get their first win of the new campaign. However, the Rams will try and stop that from happening and we’ve identified 3 keys to a Rams’ Week 2 win. 

3. Build Off of the Run

Last Sunday the run game resembled that of the team’s march to the Super Bowl in 2018. That was the key to the Rams’ success as they were able to buy Goff more time and incorporate play action, making their offense that much more dangerous. Coming into the season, no one would’ve imagined that Malcolm Brown would’ve been the main back after Week 1. He rushed 18 times picking up 72 yards and 2 touchdowns. Cam Akers and Darrell Henderson combined for 45 yards on 17 carries. Increasing the production out of the backfield will be key for this year’s success. Last week the Eagles run defense held Washington to 80 yards on 36 carries (2.2 yards per carry). While it was against the Washington Football Team, the Eagles run defense should not be easily overlooked. 

2. Continue the Pressure up Front 

The Eagles O-line had their hands full last week and Carson Wentz was real familiar with the ground towards the end of the game. The line allowed Wentz to be sacked 8 times while also allowing 14 QB hits. That kind of success by Washington’s pass rush took a toll on Wentz as the game went on and it was clearly visible. The Rams had their fair share of success as well as they sacked Prescott 3 times while getting 7 Qb hits. There’s no reason not to believe that the Rams could get that kind of production from their guys upfront. The Rams’ pass rush defense is no easy opponent and they have arguably the best defensive player on the planet in Aaron Donald. 

1. Contain Both Tight Ends 

The Eagles’ Desean Jackson and Jalen Reagor are talented receivers and can make their fair share of plays, but they shouldn’t be the Rams’ top priority. Star tight end Zach Ertz is Wentz’s favorite target by far but Washington did a great job in neutralizing his presence in the passing game with only 3 receptions for 18 yards. Though Ertz did score a touchdown with one of those receptions, he was clearly outshined by teammate Dallas Goedert who shouldn’t be forgotten.

Goedert caught 8 passes for 101 yards and one touchdown. The Rams will have to shift their eyes to neutralizing both tight ends as the Eagles like to run a 12 personnel offense quite often. Taking both tight ends of the equation along with keeping pressure on Wentz could be crucial to shutting down the passing game. 

Game Information:

When: Sunday, September 20th, @ 10:00 AM PT

Where to Watch: FOX

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