Rams News: John Johnson III Gives Us Another Peek of Sofi, Discusses Injury and Being the First to get a Pick at Sofi

Via the Rams’ Youtube channel, strong safety John Johnson III gave fans more coverage of the team’s brand new $5 billion stadium. His walkthrough contains the spacious locker room where he can warm up in, to the High Roller Suites and Champagne Bars (yes you read that correctly) that resemble those of Las Vegas. 

While walking onto the field itself, Johnson gives his take on the alluring features and presence that Sofi possesses while also stating he will be the first player to get an interception at the stadium. 

“It’s everything they said it was and more. It’s just I didn’t know it was this big, this massive—like its beautiful. I just can’t wait to—I know I’m gonna get the first pick in this building so that’s all I’m looking forward to.”

Also in the video is a brief outlook that the four-year veteran has on the time he missed last season during a season-ending shoulder injury. 

“I missed ten games. I mean even being out here for walkthroughs and stuff, it’s kinda like I had to knock the rust off and I’m not concerned or anything but I forgot how like shoulder pads and a helmet feel actually running to hit.”

The return of Johnson should only strengthen a secondary that also features the likes of one of the top corners in the game, Jalen Ramsey. Under the leadership of new Defensive Coordinator Brandon Staley and the ninth-best secondary in the league, Johnson and Co. are poised to accomplish big things this season. Despite the missed time last season and reduced reps due to Covid-19, No. 43 isn’t concerned at all. 

 “I know once I’m out there, once I get going, it’ll come and it’s like second nature.”

Watch Johnson’s full walkthrough at Sofi Stadium right here. 

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