Rams News: Team Gives a Sneak Peek at New Practice Facility Locker Rooms

All the talk and focus has been on SoFi Stadium lately, and rightly so with a $5.5 billion price tag. However, the Rams have been hard at work renovating their Thousand Oaks practice facility as well.

The team gave fans a sneak peek on Monday at all of the work that has gone into creating their top of the line locker room, highlighting their new logos throughout. Let me just tell you, while the new logo may not be a fan favorite, it doesn’t look too shabby on stainless steel!

Considering that this is just the team’s practice facility, one can only imagine all the bells and whistles that will go into the stadium’s locker rooms once it is finished. After having to share a common locker room with the USC Trojans ever since their move to Los Angeles, this will be a welcome addition for the team and its players.

Training camps are not expected to begin for another month at least, so it will be a while before the players get to break in the new facility. Still, one can’t help but get excited looking at all of the detail the team is putting into these new renovations!

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