Rams News: LA Among Teams NOT Allowed to Open Facilities Starting May 19

Sports have begun to slowly work their way back after a long hiatus. MLS has recently allowed teams to hold individual workouts for its players while the NBA is starting to allow teams to open up its practice facilities to begin small group workouts. The NFL is the next major sport to begin its return to physical activities. 

They announced that teams can start to open up their facilities beginning on May 19 with the permission of their state and city’s laws and guidelines. The plan calls for no more than 50% of the team’s staff to be present throughout the facility at one time and no more than 75 workers. Coaches are also not allowed to be present in the facilities to be fair to those teams who are not able to open up their facilities. While the facilities will be open, only players who are seeking medical treatment or are rehabbing are allowed inside the actual buildings.

The Rams, who join the Chargers and 49ers, are one of those teams that won’t be allowed to open up their facility as California has one of the strictest stay-at-home orders in the country. While some states have begun to slowly start to ease up on their orders, California is taking much longer with Governor Newsom unsure when the state will allow activities such as sports to return to some form of normalcy.

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