Rams News: Clay Johnston, “I Will Play Until My Body Breaks for Them”

Most fans have probably seen the videos by now. A clearly ecstatic Clay Johnston just happy to have been drafted, shouting “Let’s freaking go!” every 5 seconds as he took it all in. If you haven’t seen them yet, you’re welcome.

The kid has plenty of heart, and the Rams are pretty happy to have gotten him when they did. Had it not been for an ACL injury that ended his senior season early, he would have most likely gone much earlier in the draft. He has the skillset to be an impact player and ranks among the top linebackers in many stats. Instead, he started to fall, and the Rams swooped him up with one of their final picks of the day in round 7. While he may not be a household name to the world, he has a support system that believes in his abilities, and that list includes one of the All-Time greats, Brett Farve.

What the Rams are Getting in Clay

Rams fans know by now that they are getting a bundle of energy in Clay Johnston, but there is so much more to him than that. As a 4 year starter at Baylor, Johnston was a leader on the group, and even with his injury that sidelined him for half of his senior year, he played a huge role in turning the program around. He is a workhorse who gives his all no matter what. In an interview with SicEm 365 Radio before the draft, he was asked to visualize what his reaction would be like when his name was called by a team, and his answer was truly genuine.

“I’d probably drop the phone, just be speechless, and start tearing up. just having a team believe in me, that would draft me because they believe in me.. there’s no telling what that would feel like. lord willing i hope it happens because i’ll play till my body breaks [for them].”

Clay has said all the right things so far in his interviews. He has shown his raw emotions and is completely genuine. He clearly has the desire to be a difference-maker for the Rams and will get his opportunity to help a depleted defense this coming season. While he may not be a big name prospect, Clay Johnston has started to win the hearts of fans in LA nonetheless.

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