Rams Draft: What to Do with Those Two 2nd Round Picks

With less than two weeks before the NFL Draft, the Rams suddenly have a little more to think about with an extra second-round pick at their disposal.

This year’s draft also holds a little more importance after the departures of key contributors. The defense is still the staple of this Rams team and comes back mostly intact, but the offense will look dramatically different. The O-line and skills positions could use reinforcements and it is very likely that this is where the Rams will spend their first two picks.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at a couple of names that I would love to see in LA this coming season.

3. Michael Pittman – WR (USC)

Pittman will be a steal in this draft, it’s that simple. His speed and excellent routes have been criminally underrated in the national media and offer the potential of a No. 1 receiver in the future. While the Rams don’t need a number 1, they could use a little more depth at the position after the Cooks trade earlier this week. Kupp and Woods are good options, but Reynolds is still a wild card. I expect a breakout year from Reynolds in 2020 but having another capable sideline threat has never been a bad thing.

2. Austin Jackson – OT (USC)

Jackson is an intriguing prospect, going as high as the first round and as late as the third depending on who you listen to. The physical traits are there for a stud left or right tackle. What has worried teams is his technique and how experienced NFL teams could exploit this early on. If the Rams are willing to ease him in and work on his footwork and placements, the intangibles are already there. With his athleticism and speed, Jackson has the potential to be a difference-maker for whatever team is willing to give him a chance.

1. Isaiah Wilson – OT (Georgia)

Isaiah Wilson is a specimen of a human being and at 6’6″ and 350 lbs, he is one of the more physically gifted tackles in this year’s draft, even if he is not the tallest. The Rams are lacking depth at the tackle position and someone like Wilson would slot in perfectly. With Whitworth getting up there in years, this draft is the chance for the Rams to start addressing their future needs. Some missed time due to injury last season will hurt his draft stock a bit, but this could end up helping the Rams if he is still available when they make their first pick.


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