Dodgers News: LA Well Represented in MLB Network Top 100 Players

The weather has started to warm up slowly but surely around Southern California which signals the start of another baseball season. Pitcher and catchers have already reported and position players aren’t too far behind with the first official full squad workout set for Tuesday Feb. 23rd. Los Angeles is still fresh off of a World … Read more

Dodgers News: 3 Players Already Crack MLB Network’s Top 100 Right Now

Well it would be an understatement to say that the Dodgers had themselves a great offseason. In fact, with the recent re-signing of Justin Turner and acquisition of Trevor Bauer, it could be argued that Los Angeles has won the offseason. They’ve made it known to the Padres that they don’t plan on loosening their … Read more

Dodgers: Does a Trevor Bauer Deal End Justin Turner’s Time in Los Angeles?

Following what has been a tug-o-war between the Dodgers and Mets and the occasional teasing by Trevor Bauer, the reigning NL CY Young has made his decision. Instead of signing with the Mets, who reportedly offered him more money, it’s been reported that Bauer is coming home to Los Angeles after agreeing to a 3-year … Read more

Dodgers News: Recapping LA’s Rankings in MLB Networks Top 10 Right Now series

MLB Network completed their series of the top 10 players right now at each position. While they seemed to get some rankings right, others may have missed the mark entirely. Los Angeles had a representative in every position except left field as well as for relievers. For those that did have a representative, they’re listed … Read more

Dodgers: Justin Turner Suggests Homerun Derby to Decide Extra-Inning Games

Everything is on the table for when baseball finally returns. It’s inevitable that the game we all know will be changed entirely for this season given the circumstances in the world. Things about the game will need to change, schedules will need to be moved, and processes updated. The Dodgers’ Justin Turner has his own […] More

Dodgers: Justin Turner and Joc Pederson Affected by New MLB Agreement

It might be one of the most difficult times in history to be a Dodgers fan right now. Even more than losing back-to-back World Series, the last six months have been wild for fans in Los Angeles. The Astros cheating scandal just reminded us that we should have had our first championship since 1988, and […] More

Dodgers News: Mookie Betts’ Loyatly to LA Questioned, Turner’s Opening Day Video Pops Off, and More!

For a week without sports, there is plenty of news every day for the Dodgers and all of baseball. We’ve got a lot of glimpses of players at home, most recently Kershaw’s juggling challenge to teammate Cody Bellinger. We also got to look back on Hee-Seop Choi’s famous homerun derby from 2005. Speaking of getting […] More

Dodgers: Justin Turner Addresses Contract Situation, Mookie’s Leadership

It’s a fun time around Dodgers’ camp this spring compared to last year. Players are healthy, there’s a wealth of talent, and everyone has a World Series Championship on their mind. Justin Turner is in that same mindset and is happy to have the leadership of Mookie Betts. Speaking to reporters, Turner first addressed the […] More

Dodgers: Justin Turner Is Not Happy With the Commissioner

It’s no secret that players across baseball have been unhappy with the Astros’ cheating scandal. The Dodgers have certainly not been an exception to that. Los Angeles players have become increasingly vocal about their displeasure with the entire situation, and Justin Turner turned to the media to voice his own concerns. #Dodgers Justin Turner: “The […] More

Dodgers: Justin Turner Slams Media for Early Trade Rumors, Heyman Claps Back

In somewhat unexpected (but understandable) news, Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner took to Twitter on Saturday to air out some grievances over the way a baseball transaction is handled in the modern age, particularly by “MLB insiders” in the media. Here’s a concept. Let trades happen, and then report on them! All these reporters only […] More

Dodgers: Justin Turner Doesn’t Want Any Fake Accolades Awarded To Los Angeles

On Saturday at Dodgers’ Fanfest, Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner was amongst the more outspoken Dodgers. Of course when I say that, you know I mean him speaking about the subject of the Houston Astros’ sign-stealing scandal. While Turner was happy to weigh in on other subjects, the best meat of this segment […] More

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