LA Roundup: Pros and Cons from the Dodgers 8-1 Win, How USC Benefits from an All Pac-12 Schedule, and More!

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The Dodgers opened up their 2020 campaign last night with an 8-1 victory over the San Francisco Giants. What made this win even more amazing was the fact that they struggled to make solid contact for most of the night and still managed to score eight runs. One game is hardly an acceptable sample size to determine a team’s season, but there was plenty to take away from it. Long story short, this team has some adjustments to make but will be a force to be reckoned with.

One sport that still has some things to figure out is college football. The Pac-12 has announced that they will feature a conference-only schedule for this season, which is at least one step closer to playing games. The Trojans are one team that would benefit from this setup, especially with how weak the Pac-12 South will be this year. Most of the powerhouse teams have seen their elite talent move on to the NFL, leaving the path wide open for USC to claim their place at the top once again.

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