LA Roundup: MLB’s New Playoff Expansion Could End Up Hurting Dodgers, Lakers to Watch in Orlando Scrimmages, Rams Delay Training Camp, and More!

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Baseball season is finally upon us and with that comes the hope of a deep October run! But Major League Baseball wouldn’t be itself without ruining the festivities just a bit with some new rules and implementations. Hours before the first pitch of the season, the league approved an expansion to the playoff format to include 16 teams this season. The format will definitely bring some excitement to October baseball, but the changes also hurt powerhouse teams like the Dodgers. Anything can happen in a best of three series, giving less meaning to having one of the best records in the league. It will be up to LA to work around this change, since they clearly have the firepower to do so.

The Lakers also resumed their quest to bring a title to Los Angeles on Thursday as they had their first scrimmage against the Mavs. While they lost this first matchup, these games will be more about development and chemistry than the actual results (the benefits of all but securing the top seed in the West). Instead, the team will be seeing which players could play a role in the playoffs, and as a side effect, players that haven’t seen much playing time will be thrown out there more. This includes the South Bay Lakers that were recently called up, making them intriguing players to keep an eye on as the team prepares for their first-round matchup.

While the NBA and MLB finally kickoff their games, the NFL took a step backward on Thursday. The Rams were scheduled to have their rookies report for training camp, but instead, that date has been pushed back with no new date to replace it. This was something that most saw as inevitable, but the league was clearly holding out hope that they could keep to their normal schedule. Instead, it seems as if they will have to take things slow and steady.

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