LA Roundup: Jared Dudley Believes that Kyle Kuzma is the Team’s ‘Third Guy’, JaVale McGee Documents the First Team Practice Orlando, and More!

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As the players around the NBA start to become accustomed to life inside the bubble, they are getting the opportunity to relax a little bit more and enjoy their new surroundings. Lakers‘ center JaVale McGee decided to document the experience from the perspective of a player, and we are lucky enough to go along for the ride! His latest upload showcases what the team went through on their first day out of quarantine this past Saturday, which happened to be the first time the team practiced as a whole in over 4 months. Let’s hope the team chemistry is just as strong as it was back in March!

Much has been made about the Lakers only having 2 players capable of taking over a game. Needless to say, this hasn’t been an issue for them as they have the second-best record in the league up to this point. While LeBron and Anthony Davis are two of the best in the NBA, the playoffs usually require a third scorer to make it all the way. If you were to ask Lakers’ forward Jared Dudley, Kyle Kuzma is their guy. This postseason will be Kuzma’s opportunity to show that he is capable of reaching the next level.

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