LA Roundup: Dave Roberts to be Inducted into the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame, Aaron Donald Receives Yet Another 99 Rating in Madden, and More!

Welcome to another roundup, where we gather all of LA sports’ biggest stories of the day!

We start today with the news that Dodgers manager Dave Roberts will be inducted into UCLA‘s Athletic Hall of Fame, a major accomplishment for the former ballplayer. Roberts has a deep baseball background and was even the team captain back in 1994 during his time with the Bruins. After that, his career took him to a few different major league teams, including a stop with the Dodgers. Congratulations Skip on the well-deserved award!

The Rams knew they had found a gem when they drafted Aaron Donald back in 2014, but even they have to be slightly in awe at the prowess he’s shown in his young career. The defensive tank received a 99 rating in Madden for the fourth straight year, a sign of respect for his talent and consistency. Fans can only hope that he backs up that rating in real life as the team searches for a path back to the playoffs after a disappointing 2019.

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