LA Roundup: Sean McVay Ranked as a Top-10 Coach in the NFL, Clippers’ Paul George Gives Update on His Shoulder, Keenan Allen Ranked Within Top 10 WR, and More!

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As the football season approaches, teams and personnel will begin to be analyzed in order to form the hierarchy for the NFL season. Luckily for the Rams, their head coach is seen as one of the premier figures in the league. Sean McVay was ranked as the 6th best coach by CBS Sports, a spot that may in fact be lower than expected. McVay has turned around the entire culture of the franchise, and his players love playing for him. The 2020 season will be another chance to prove that he is worthy of being a top tier coach.

The LA Chargers have some bragging rights of their own, as Keenan Allen was named the 8th best wide receiver by NFL executives, coaches, and players. The ESPN rankings are as diverse as it gets, meaning that Allen is highly regarded by all groups inside the NFL. It will be imperative for the Chargers to find ways of getting him the ball this year if they want to make the playoffs. With a new offense, players like Allen will be the key to success or the blame for failure.

We end today with a report out of Clippers camp in Orlando, where Paul George has finally addressed his recovery from a shoulder injury. George had surgery in both shoulders a little over a year ago, and the results have been amazing thus far. There were questions about the wear and tear of the long season, but these past few months have given him plenty of time to heal and recover for the stretch run. George acknowledged that he did not feel like himself during the season when he had to do shoulder warm-ups. That worry is now a thing of the past, and he is fully locked in on the task at hand.

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