LA Roundup: Lakers to Host Team Workout for First Time in 4 Months, Chargers’ Ekeler Gives Fan a Virtual Tour of SoFi, Kyle Kuzma Inspired by Kawhi Leonard, and More!

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Today we finally received confirmation that the Lakers would be hosting their first team practice in Orlando on Saturday, July 11th. After months of isolation and a few weeks of individual workouts, it will be nice to see the team come together again as they prepare for a title run. The team has added two new players since we last saw them while also losing Avery Bradley for the season, meaning that there will be new roles and rotations to figure out. Luckily, they have plenty of wiggle room with a 5.5 game lead for the top seed in the West.

One of the Lakers that will get an opportunity to shine in Orlando is Kyle Kuzma. Kuzma has not lived up to the potential that many fans saw in his rookie season, but there is plenty to be excited about still. He recently stated that Kawhi Leonard’s rise to stardom served as inspiration for him, as he was another player that had to work his way up the depth chart. Kuzma is still young and the talent is there for him to become a staple for LA. This will be his first opportunity to show how he can perform in the playoffs, and it will reveal a lot about his mindset.

SoFi Stadium has been under construction since 2016 and the end is finally in sight. Players from both LA teams have finally received opportunities to go tour their new home, and ChargersAustin Ekeler took the opportunity to showcase the stadium to fans via a virtual tour. It’s a shame that the inaugural season for SoFi may not include fans, but this will be the venue to be at for years to come!

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