LA Roundup: The 3 Biggest Series for the Dodgers in 2020, Carlos Vela Opts out of Orlando Tournament, NFLPA Suggests No Preseason, and More!

Welcome to another roundup, where we gather all of LA sports’ biggest stories of the day!

The big story of the day is the newly released schedules for the 2020 baseball season, including when the Dodgers will get their rematch against the Houston Astros. With the regional schedules for this season, we’ll get the opportunity to see some games against some AL West teams that we haven’t seen in a while. Everyone fully expects to see the Dodgers playing in October, but after last season, nothing can be taken for granted. There are a few key series throughout the season that could have a bigger impact on the season as a whole, which we broke down for you down below!

The other breaking story came as bad news for the favorites to win the MLS tournament in Orlando. LAFC has been seen as the team to beat, but after the news that Carlos Vela is not joining them, will their odds take a hit? Vela has been huge for the team this season and his loss will absolutely be felt. Still, the team has plenty of firepower to make a deep run. We’ll just have to wait and see how it all plays out.

The NFL continues its planning for the 2020 season, which now includes the possibility of canceling preseason games altogether. The NFLPA has expressed their desire to potentially skip any meaningless games in an effort to avoid any additional risks, especially considering the contact aspect of the sport. The hard part will be balancing the player desires with the possibility of losing even more money by canceling games.

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