LA Roundup: Max Muncy Shares his Thoughts on 2020 Champion, Dwight Howard Still Deciding on Orlando, Justing Turner Wants Russell Martin Back, and More!

Welcome to another roundup, where we recap all of the biggest headlines of the day! Today was heavily filled with Dodgers news, so we’ll get right to it.

The biggest news coming out of the Dodgers organization was the confirmation from minor leaguer Ryan Moseley that the team had committed to pay their players through the end of August. This news was huge simply for the fact that the previous agreement ended today(June 30th), meaning that players would have stopped receiving their stipends if the team did not extend it. While it doesn’t solve everything, at the very least players will continue to receive consistent financial support for the next two months.

Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner also made news recently, as he made it clear that he opposes the extra innings rule set up by MLB as a part of their proposal for the 2020 season. On top of these statements, he also went on record to give his endorsement for bringing back Russell Martin, a key veteran from this past season. Turner’s voice does carry some weight for the Dodgers, so we’ll see if these comments lead to any signings in the near future.

The news surrounding Andrew Toles has grabbed national headlines, but not everyone knew the details behind his current situation. That all changed when his family spoke with the media and shed some light on current events. It’s safe to say that all of Dodgers’ nation is hoping that Toles is able to get the help he needs and praying for a full recovery.

The Dodgers’ first baseman has also had his share of controversial quotes from the last few days, specifically regarding the 2020 world series. It is Max Muncy‘s belief that this year’s champion should not be looked down upon because of the shortened season. It’s pretty safe to say that if the Dodgers win it all this year, we’ll definitely be agreeing with him! But regardless of who wins, it might actually be a tougher task than most years simply because of the sprint mentality it will take to get through the season.

For our final Dodgers story, we just found out that our favorite rally banana is about to be a father! Kike Hernandez took to social media this afternoon to share the news, and we couldn’t help but love the way he broke it. Congratulations to both Kike and his lovely wife!

Our last piece of news comes from the NBA world, as Lakers‘ center Dwight Howard has still not decided whether he will join the team in Orlando. Howard has been a key piece for the first-place team, but family matters may keep him from the resumption of the season. Whatever his decision, fans are grateful for all he has done in his second stint with the Lakers.

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