LA Roundup: Aaron Donald Named Rams’ Player of the Decade, Lakers’ Schedule Gives Them Unique Opportunity, and More!

Welcome to another roundup, sports fans! We have a full slate for you today, so buckle up.

The NBA released their schedule yesterday with the remaining regular-season games for each team. The Lakers, in particular, seemed to receive the short end of the stick with an altered schedule that gives them the 3rd toughest set of opponents out of the 22 teams. Even with this disadvantage, LA has plenty of options going forward thanks to their performance throughout the regular season. They have the breathing room to coast for a bit before turning it on for the playoffs, and it not, they can always dominate from the jump. Either way, they still hold their destiny in their own hands.

Moving onto baseball, fans have expressed one of two opinions about Dodgers‘ manager, Dave Roberts: they either love him or hate him. And while he may not get every call right, he has been an amazing leader for our team. With that said, is it possible that a disappointing season could put his job on the line? We broke down a few reasons why the Dodgers should theoretically win it all this season, leaving little doubt that they are the team to beat. Failure to win with this group could prove costly for Dave, whether it’s justified or not.

The Dodgers were also scheduled to host the MLB All-Star Game here in Los Angeles this season, a reality that now is all but canceled. Would this mean that they would be awarded the festivities in one of the upcoming seasons instead? Reports would suggest that 2022 is the likely year for LA to finally host the game, as 2021 is already awarded to Atlanta. Two years of waiting seems like a better deal than having an All-Star Game with no fans, so I’ll take it.

The Chargers will go from being one of the worst teams in NFL to being one of the most exciting teams to follow, mostly due to the intrigue around rookie QB Justin Herbert. His teammates have mostly had positive things to say about him, but Austin Ekeler took a different approach when talking about the newest Charger. Ekeler acknowledged that Herbert has a lot to learn before taking the reigns, although he followed that up with some praise for the youngster. Chargers fans are hoping that the learning curve doesn’t take too long so they can see him in action!

The Rams, meanwhile, have had some sustained success in recent years thanks in large part to a defensive monster named Aaron Donald. In fact, Donald was recently named the Rams’ “Player of the Decade for the 2010s. There’s no denying that Donald has been a huge member of the team since they drafted him in 2014, and the fact that he was named Player of the Decade when he only played for half of it shows why.

We end today with some exciting news for the Los Angeles Kings, as they have been awarded the 2nd overall pick in the 2020 NHL draft. This pick will be huge for the team as they look to rebuild in the coming years. The draft does not have a scheduled date yet, but we should receive an announcement from the league shortly.

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