LA Roundup: Former Dodger Falls on Rough Times, Why the Battle for LA is the True NBA Finals, and More!

Today was a sad day for Dodgers fans, as fan-favorite Andrew Toles made headlines after being out of the public eye for a few years. Toles became an overnight sensation with LA back in 2016, as he helped them on a magical run that ended just shy of the World Series. His contributions were only magnified by the fact that he was bagging groceries the year prior. Unfortunately, his life has taken a turn for the worst in recent months. Toles was arrested after being found sleeping behind an airport in Florida. Fans had always wondered what happened to him after he was placed on the restricted list for the Dodgers, and they will continue to hope for the best as he seeks the help he needs.

On another note, the NBA season is ready for an epic comeback this coming month. Both LA squads are heavily favored going into Orlando, and many analysts seem to believe that the eventual champion will come from whoever wins the Battle for LA. Analyst Chris Broussard made some controversial takes on First Thing’s First today, stating that both the Lakers and the Clippers would beat the Bucks in a Finals matchup. You may agree or disagree with his statements, but the fact remains that both teams will have to face off for the honor of potentially playing Giannis for the trophy. This would make the Western Conference finals must-see tv and Los Angeles will be ready.

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