LA Roundup: 3 Dodgers Who Could Be MLB’s Next Big Stars, UCLA Facing Allegations From Football Players, and More!

As we celebrate this June 19th, let’s put our focus and our efforts on making conscious changes to make society better for everyone. LAFC has put its focus on doing just that by launching a campaign to recognize today as a federal holiday. While 47 out of 50 states already recognize Juneteenth, the goal is to celebrate it across all states. The team has launched a campaign to make it possible, and you can sign it by clicking here!

The Dodgers have had tremendous success with their young players in recent years, leading us to wonder: which newcomer will be their next superstar? We took a look at 3 players with guaranteed spots on this season’s roster (if we have a season) and ranked their chances of reaching that level of production. With any luck, all three of them will be staples for LA for years to come.

We end today with reports coming out of UCLA that their players have conflicted feelings about the program’s reliability. Several Bruins, including their starting quarterback, have written to the school asking for a re-evaluation of the safety protocols and protection of their scholarships should students choose not to play because of the risk. There are other allegations aside from negligence, meaning that the university could be in some hot water if an investigation proves them to be true.

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