LA Roundup: MLB Makes Yet Another Proposal to Start the Season, Chargers Comment on Kaepernick Again, UCLA Nears Return to Athletics, and More!

There’s a saying that sometimes we create our own heartbreaks through expectation, and this may be a great reminder for baseball fans during these turbulent times.

Rumor has it that the league and player’s association have returned to negotiations in the hopes of salvaging the season. However, these past few months have taught us that nothing is official until it’s… well, official. After Rob Manfred spoke to the media with high hopes that a deal could get worked out, stories flooded social media that the season was imminent. Yet a few minutes later, the MLBPA‘s twitter account crushed our dreams yet again by saying no agreement had been made. While the proposal from MLB is a good one (their first real and possibly acceptable offer), players still feel that it might not be enough. At this point, I’ll just have someone wake me up when opening day comes around, whether that be in 2020 or 2021.

In Chargers‘ news, the team has really been flirting with the idea of bringing in Colin Kaepernick for a workout. There has yet to be any word from his camp as to his interest in playing for the NFL once again, but his Atlanta workouts from last season seem to indicate he would give it a shot. Anthony Lynn has been a great vocal ambassador for Kaepernick, and it would be interesting to see if LA would truly consider a 3 QB roster.

The Chargers also announced a partnership with Estrella Media recently, a partnership that will allow the team to connect with their Hispanic fanbase. The deal will include coverage of pre-season games, but no announcement has been made about the regular season just yet. If the team can get that done, it would be a huge step in their quest to garner more interest away from the Rams.

We end today with a Bruin update, as UCLA has announced their plan that allows athletes to return to action. The proposal includes four phases that will allow athletes to slowly integrate themselves back into a normal team setting. Phase one is set to begin next week on the 22nd, a sign that football is closer than it seems!

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