LA Roundup: Rams Give Fans a Look at their New Upgrades, the NBA Reveals Details on the Orlando Plan, Where USC Stands within the PAC-12, and More!

There were some major breaking stories in the sports world today as we are finally starting to see the NBA’s plan to resume play take shape!

In a series of tweets, NBA Insider Shams Charania updated us all on the latest developments for the Orlando plan. Everything from which hotels teams would be staying at to what kind of entertainment the players would have was discussed, and it’s looking like the players have a lot to look forward to. Obviously the situation will still be less than ideal, but the NBA seems to be pulling out all the stops to make it feel as normal as possible. Teams like the Lakers and Clippers will enjoy the best accommodations, but the road to a title will still be rough.

The Rams provided updates of their own on Monday, as they shared a sneak peek into their new locker rooms in the Thousand Oaks practice facility. While this location was supposed to be a temporary home when they moved to LA in 2016, this amount of invested money can only mean that the team is planning to stay there longer than expected. The original plan was to use the facility for 2 to 5 years while their permanent home was being built. At the very least players will finally have a space dedicated to them as they wait on the construction of SoFi Stadium.

The USC Trojans have found themselves dominating headlines all offseason, and today was no different. Not only did the school have three different nominees for the College Football Hall of Fame, but they are also one of the favorites to win the PAC-12 South next season. There is no question that the program is starting to turn things around, but most people expected their rise to come in 2021 with their top 5 recruitment class. The current team is certainly talented enough to speed up that timeline, however, and it will be exciting to watch them battle it out with the Likes of ASU and Utah.

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