LA Roundup: Magic Johnson Getting the Jordan Treatment, Kaepernick On the Bolt’s Radar, and More!

We’re all pretty tired of trying to analyze the latest baseball rumors, so we decided to take a mental health day and avoid that subject altogether. Instead, we took a look at the other two major sports here in LA!

The Lakers have had a long and proud history, but one of their greatest stretches ever involved current Dodgers co-owner, Magic Johnson. It turns out that Magic will pull a Jordan and have his career summarized on the big screen pretty soon! A documentary is in the works that will feature the rise of one of basketball’s all-time greats, including his post-NBA career. If the Michael Jordan docuseries was any indication of how fans will react to this type of content, we are in store for another great trip down memory lane.

In football news, much has been made about the possible return of Colin Kaepernick. Amid all of the racial tensions, it would be an enormous task for any team to sign him, but there are a few different spots where he could fit in. One team that has apparently shown interest is the Los Angeles Chargers, who already have two very good quarterbacks under contract. While it would be a curious fit, analysts have speculated that the team could redshirt rookie Justin Herbert while trying out Kap as a backup. It would be a head-scratcher for sure, but weirder things have happened in this league.

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