LA Roundup: Carlos Vela is LAFC’s Biggest Hope in Orlando, MLB’s Latest Proposal More of the Same, and More!

LAFC’s title hopes are riding mostly on the shoulders of Carlos Vela, a man that thas yet to decide if he will partake in the Orlando tournament. As we covered a few weeks ago, Vela is undecided on attending due to the pending birth of his child. Should he participate though, LA’s chances are as good as anyone else’s to advance out of Group F and win it all.

The Dodgers wrapped up their 2020 draft quite nicely with a strong group of pitchers and some high school talent as well. We took a look at each pick individually and predicted when we could see them make their major league debut, which will probably be extended due to their shortened seasons this year. LA has had a strong farm system for most of the decade, but many of those top players are expected to be on the roster once baseball resumes. Drafting strong every year will allow the team to continue their influx of talent while having a manageable payroll at the same time.

Speaking of baseball, we are no closer to an agreement between the players and owners in regards to a potential season. With each passing day, the likelihood that Rob Manfred will have to impose an obligatory 48 game season increases. I think we can all agree that we miss baseball, but that feeling is slowly starting to fade. If the sport has any hopes of recovering from this mess, they need to get their act together, for lack of a better word.

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