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LA Roundup: Previewing a Possible Dodgers’ 30-Man Roster, LA’s Dark Horse Football Teams, Kobe’s Business Aspirations, and More!

All of today's top sports stories from around LA!

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Daniel Palma
Daniel is an avid sports fan who loves his hometown teams. If he's not watching baseball, you can find him playing or coaching. No matter what, he'll always root for the Boys in Blue!

Welcome back to another daily roundup! Today, we took a look at quite a few different stories regarding LA sports.

With baseball working on a deal to bring back live games, teams must begin preparing for what will be a wild season. We took a look at what a potential Dodgers team could look like if the 30-man roster proposal took effect. No matter how you put it, the boys in blue are loaded and will be a tough team to beat at full strength.

We also took an updated look at a nearly finished SoFi Stadium! Youtuber John Kay has been excellent about posting regular updates on the progress, and he shared yet another video yesterday afternoon. Once completed, SoFi will be the most expensive stadium ever built. How fitting that it will be here in Los Angeles (Inglewood to be precise).

Speaking of SoFi Stadium, its future tenants are not looked upon kindly this upcoming season. The Rams and Chargers are both projected to finish middle of the pack in their respective divisions and have a lot to prove. While they may not have much consistency going into the season, both squads have reloaded and are ready to prove doubters wrong. The battle for LA should be quite interesting this year.

ChargersHunter Henry recently spoke about his newest teammate, Justin Herbert. He’s gotten the opportunity to practice with him and had some high praise for the rookie. While the position battle has yet to truly begin, it will be interesting to see who the Chargers go with. Both Taylor and Herbert have different skillsets, and only one of them can get the bulk of the playing time.

The Kings are doing their part in keeping the community engaged during this quarantine by offering free learning materials for kids and their families. The team recently shared a ‘Learn at Home’ kit full of activities that parents could use to entertain their kids during these longs days. Kudos to the Kings for helping out!

Today, we end with the one and only Kobe Bryant. Before Kobe’s untimely death, he was in the middle of the second act of his life’s work. The first half included playing the game he loved, but the second was much more meaningful. Kobe was in the midst of creating an animation studio that would have put his love for storytelling on the big screen. He was a big fan of teaching the next generation everything he could, and this was on his list of things to leave as a legacy. Unfortunately we’ll never get to see what may have come from this. What we can do is treasure the memories he did leave for us to remember him by.

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