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LA Roundup: Dave Roberts Gives His Take on 2020 Title Significance, The NBA Looks Towards Florida, MLS Stars Upset Over Proposals, and More!

All of today's top sports stories from around LA!

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Daniel Palma
Daniel is an avid sports fan who loves his hometown teams. If he's not watching baseball, you can find him playing or coaching. No matter what, he'll always root for the Boys in Blue!

Welcome to another roundup! Friday was definitely a day for headlines, as sports continue to get closer and closer.

The NBA seems to be the sport leading the charge towards a return to action, as multiple proposals have been discussed and dissected. The latest (and most sensible) has the NBA returning in Florida. Walt Disney World has been one of the most interesting proposals, but it makes a ton of sense. For more reasons than one, the relationship between Disney and the NBA might make this a reality.

On the subject of basketball, a Lakers player has officially sold an auction for the All-In Challenge. Point guard, Alex Caruso, joined the charity challenge with the goal of aiding COVID-19 relief organizations. The bid includes a design session with Caruso, dinner, and an all-access Lakers game that ends with receiving two autographed jerseys and pictures! I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a great win for whoever the lucky bidder was.

In soccer news, both LA teams seem to have gripes over the proposed return to play proposal. LAFC‘s Carlos Vela has come out against it, as he wants to prioritize his family first. Many players share the same sentiments, as LA Galaxy‘s Chicharito Hernandez is in a similar boat. Both players have wives that are expecting, and leaving them alone for months is certainly not ideal. They’ll have to keep waiting to see if any other proposals gain momentum.

Rams‘ Pro-Bowl tackle, Aaron Donald, recently aired his feelings about playing in empty stadiums. Donald made it clear he does not want to play with no one there to watch, as he credits the fans for providing the team with energy. While he has a point, he better get used to the idea quickly. The NFL season is still a few months off, but the verdict seems to be settled: there will be no fans.

In baseball news, Dodgers‘ manager, Dave Roberts, was asked about the value of winning a title in a shortened season. As a former player himself, Roberts stood by the hard work that it would still take to win it all, even in half the games. One can even argue that this title would be more meaningful, as the usual marathon season turns into a sprint to the finish. The talent and consistency required to win it this year would make it one to remember for sure.

If there is an MLB season with games held in California, the state would be making some serious cash, shortened season and all. California is known for its high taxes, and it’s no different for athletes. They get charged for every day that they play in the state. This money would come at a critical time as California is in a deficit, just like every other state in the country. This would help explain Gov. Newsom’s recent retraction from previous comments stating that there would be no sports in California this summer. Every penny that could come out of these games would be welcomed.

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