Lakers News: LA and LeBron James Agree to a Two-Year Extension

After helping lead the Lakers back to their former glory once again, the Lakers have decided that LeBron James needs to be a part of their future plans. Although he is signed through the 2020-2021 season, he was set to become an unrestricted free agent. However, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic and Stadium, the Lakers and LeBron have agreed to a two-year extension through 2023.

It’s certainly a head-scratching move to pay LeBron, who turns 36 on December  30th, $85 million. While he has shown he can still compete at a high level, father time spares no one. He can still put up impressive numbers while on the court, but his days of carrying a team are behind him. He even said it himself that the addition of AD was the key to the Lakers winning it all. Speaking of Anthony Davis, they have yet to re-sign him as he is waiting to see what kind of deal Giannis signs. The Lakers were also interested in adding a third star to their roster sometime within the next year, so it’s interesting to see Rob Pelinka pull off such a move. 


Will the James deal hinder the Lakers from adding that third star after all? While it seems like the case on paper, Pelinka may find a way to make it all work out in the end. However, it feels like such a move is a little premature without knowing the Giannis situation or waiting to see what next offseason holds. For now, LeBron James seems destined to retire a Laker. 

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