Lakers News: Rob Pelinka Plans to Build Future Around Anthony Davis

Coming off of their 17th NBA title with LeBron James running the show, the Lakers are now shifting their eyes towards a sustainable future. While LeBron James is still one of the better players in the NBA today, he’s not the kind of guy you should build around.

 Yes, he still has a huge impact on the court as well as the leadership skills to steer a team in the right direction, but he’s 35 years old and will soon be 36. Father Time will be coming for him soon enough. He’ll still be a vital piece for the Lakers short term, but long term they have a younger and more capable star that could be the future of the organization. 

General Manager Rob Pelinka has indicated that Anthony Davis is the guy he wants to build the future around. Davis has proved this season that he is more than capable of being that guy as he has stepped up in times of need. However, Pelinka has also indicated that he wants to add another young star to the lineup and pair with Anthony Davis. 

While appearing as a guest on The Woj Pod, the Laker GM highlighted his plan.

“We hope we can have another championship run, build pieces around LeBron and AD. But for the future, if you study our cap, we have the flexibility. The objective is to add another really talented young player to pair him up with AD if he chooses to sign with us for long term.” 

While a deal between the Lakers and AD has not yet been made official, the word is that Davis opted out of his current contract to re-sign with the organization. As for the talented young player, it’s unknown who Pelinka has eyes on, though there are plenty of options out there. 

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