Lakers News: LeBron James Breaks the All-Time Playoff Wins Record

Lakers fans should be no strangers to players reaching milestones or breaking NBA records as the team has been home to many legends over the years. While that may be the case, no one said it ever gets old seeing such events happen. 

Tuesday night’s Game 3 win against the Houston Rockets not only put the Lakers ahead in the series 2-1, but it also pushed LeBron James’ to the No. 1 All-Time Postseason win leader in NBA history. James moved in front of ex-Laker Derek Fisher with 162 wins in the playoffs. 

James is 35 years old but he continues to show that he isn’t letting anything stop him from performing at the highest level. During the season there were talks over him being washed up or no longer a major threat. However, he has silenced all doubters with his performance so far during the playoffs. Through 8 games (278 minutes) he has made 78-135 field goals (.578%) for 221 points with 77 total rebounds, 72 assists, 11 steals, and 10 blocks. Is that the kind of production from someone who is washed up?

LeBron is playing on another level right now. He, along with Anthony Davis, has been doing everything in his power to ensure the Lakers are in a position to succeed. Just last night James put up 36 points and a couple of key blocks to shutdown the Rockets in the third and fourth quarters. Say what you want about LeBron, but he’s on a mission to deliver a Larry O’Brien trophy to Los Angeles while fending off father time. 

Next up for the Lakers

Game 4 vs. the Houston Rockets, Thursday 9/14 @4:00 PM


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