Lakers News: Jamie Foxx Believes His Trash Talk With Kobe Bryant Led to His Fifth Ring

In a recent interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, the two celebrities began to discuss the time where Foxx motivated Kobe Bryant before the 2009-10 season in which he eventually won his fifth ring.

During the interview, Foxx talks about how he and Kobe had a friendship filled with constant banter. He brings up this one moment where Kobe went to go see one Foxx’s shows in Los Angeles. At this show, Foxx discusses how Kobe found out that Foxx, who was born in Texas, was a Mavericks fan. There, some more of that banter that Foxx discusses ensues. From there, Jamie Foxx brings up the name LeBron James, who may sound like a very familiar name to Laker Fans, asking Kobe if he can take him on. 

He then goes on with his story about how Kobe got upset and left his show to walk across the street to Staples Center and workout. Foxx doesn’t let him off the hook just yet as he continues to trash talk Kobe through text with such things like, “you ain’t gonna be ready for the season.”

Of course, Kobe never gave up even in the smallest of tasks and answered back Foxx with a hell of a statement. 

“Do you have some water? You’re gonna need it because you’re gonna choke on my fifth ring.”

It showed that even in the smallest scenarios do we see that Mamba Mentality Kobe was so famous for. Even after winning four NBA titles, an NBA MVP, 11 All-Star selections, and numerous other achievements, Foxx’s comments may have fueled Kobe into putting that Mamba Mentality into practice and improving himself even further en route to a fifth title.  

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