Lakers News: Frank Vogel Not Worried About LA’s Offense

The Lakers started off their return from a four-month hiatus with a necessary win against a future playoff foe, the Clippers. They hoped to continue the momentum in their matchup against the defending champions, the Toronto Raptors, but couldn’t keep up as they dropped the game 92-107. 

Throughout the game, the Lakers’ offense seemed to be flat as the team attempted 40 three-pointers with only 10 of them making it in (25%). You can then turn to field goals and the Lakers only made 29/82 (35.4%). That’s not great numbers for a team that is looking to lock up the No. 1 seed in the West and to make a deep playoff run. 

However, head coach Frank Vogel doesn’t seem worried about the offense at all and states that it will come as the rest of the season progresses. 

“Our defense has performed really well. I think there’s an element of, if you’re working that hard on the defensive end you gotta be sure your legs are under you to make shots on the other end, so I believe that will come.”

Vogel is right about the defense so far as it has done well across the past two games. The team has worked together to accrue 66 defensive rebounds, 15 blocks, and 14 steals. Even Kyle Kuzma who has been scrutinized in the past for his lack of defensive capability has shown improvements over the last two games. 

The loss to the Toronto Raptors shouldn’t raise any alarms for Lakers fans. The team still has a 5.5 game lead in the West and has time to allow the offense to work its way back to peak form. The next test for the Lakers on the schedule is an August 3, matchup against the Utah Jazz @6pm. 

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