Lakers News: Anthony Davis Staying In LA? More Than Likely

With the season already crazy as it is due to the pandemic, many NBA teams are seeing some crazy money issues with no fans cheering them on from the stands. So with that being said, how can the Lakers afford to keep star Anthony Davis on the team?

According to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst, the Lakers should be able to sign Davis to a max contract without any issues. Let’s hope. If you think about it, the Lakers have a local television deal worth over $200 million and a national television share of over $100 million. Just that alone is enough revenue to bring back Davis even without ticket sales.

Sadly, Davis already turned down an offer from the Lakers earlier this year. It was for 4-years at $146 million to stay with the Purple and Gold. Should Laker fans be worried? I don’t think so. Many believe Davis will get that 5-year, $202 million max offer from the Lakers once the season is over. I think he’ll take it.

The chemistry Davis has found in Los Angeles is second to none. He seems happy and playing with that fire that he once had while he played in New Orleans. Who can forget the lifestyle he has out here now as well. I mean take a look at newly extended Dodger Mookie Betts. He found happiness real quick with the team and now is probably going to retire a Dodger. I mean money talks, but that is just half of the reason why players stay put. They like that happiness and accepted feeling.

Another major reason I believe he’ll stay is that with the Lakers, he has his best shot at winning an NBA Title. Having LBJ and others onboard make the Lakers dangerous. Even if they don’t (by some weird reason) win the title this year, it seems inevitable later. And who is to say that more star players won’t join up?

So, my final thoughts on this… AD will stay a Laker and take that offer of 5 years. Watch!

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