Lakers: JaVale McGee Documents the Team’s First Practice in the NBA Bubble

After 4 long months without any NBA action, this past week saw the return of real practices and real news out of the basketball world.

For Lakers fans, this wait has been extra excruciating seeing as this was supposed to be the season of destiny. Luckily, it seems that we will receive an end to the season in the form of the Orlando bubble.

As exciting as this experience will be for fans to digest, the players themselves are in a brand new situation where they do not know what to expect. Lakers’ center JaVale McGee has taken it upon himself to document life within the bubble, and the results so far have been pretty entertaining!

On the most recent episode of “Life in the Bubble”, McGee takes us through the team’s first day out of quarantine. From buttonless elevators to interviews through a screen, McGee shared what the first day back was like in the video below. All footage and clips shown belong to JaVale and him alone.

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