Lakers News: Dwight Howard Will Join Lakers, Donating Salary From Games

The decision is in, and Dwight Howard is going to play. Laker fans, be ready!

Yesterday the Lakers big man announced that he will be joining his team in Orlando and will continue his bounce-back year all while appearing Monday on CNN’s Tonight with Don Lemon. Howard told Lemon, “Yes, I will be joining my team in Orlando.”

If you recall, Howard was up in the air about returning due to the coronavirus and the recent death of his son’s mother. Another factor that Howard was juggling with was that playing again would be a distraction against the current social injustices nationwide.

“I feel like we have a great opportunity, the Lakers do, to win the title this year,” Howard said. “I have a contractual obligation to my teammates, to my fans, the Lakers, the organization and everyone. But at the same time, I also have an obligation to my family and my community. Yes, I will be joining my team in Orlando, but during that time, we will begin a lot of work here in Atlanta and around the nation as far as making sure people don’t forget about us and what’s going on in our communities.”

Not only is Howard coming back, but he also announced that he will be donating his salary to help make a difference off the court.  “I’m going to use my salary,” Howard said, “All the money, the paychecks I’ll be getting down in the bubble, to help push this ‘Breathe Again’ movement and just make sure people don’t forget about what’s going on in our society.”

Lakers can breathe a sigh of relief now that Howard is his rejoining the team. Lakers already took a big blow with Avery Bradley opting out. JaValee McGee, who has asthma, is another player who could possibly sit out due to his health. McGee has made no indications he would sit out, but losing him as well as Howard would have pretty much killed the Lakers hopes of a title.

With that being said, his bounce-back-redemption year is back and in full force (hopefully).

Superman returns…
Lakers will shine…
a ring will come next?

Let’s hope!

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