Lakers News: JR Smith Officially Signs With Los Angeles

Laker fans can rejoice… JR Smith is now officially a Laker! (insert “Party Rock Anthem” song here).

Even though we all pretty much knew it was going to happen, the anticipation for many fans seemed surreal. Smith was always on the list of being picked up by LA even before the season started. Well, now it’s a reality. JR Smith is a Laker for the remainder of the season.

The Lakers and Smith have been talking about a deal since starting guard Avery Bradley opted out of the season on June 23rd. For those wondering when the last time Smith played an NBA game, well that was back in 2018 with the Cleveland Cavs.

LeBron gets his old teammate back now. Both played together in Cleveland for three and a half seasons and could do well together once again. Smith brings NBA Finals experience to the team with 4 trips to the big show, an experience that the youthful Lakers can definitely use.

Smith has the ability to shoot from pretty much anywhere and can bring more options when it comes to hitting 3’s. He is also a pretty good catch-and-shoot player that averaged 40.9 percentage from three’s in his time playing with James. The Lakers as a team average 37.7 on catch-and-shoot threes and Smith is always ready to let shots fly if he gets enough space.

I believe Smith will be a driving force on the Lakers’ chances of an NBA Title. Teaming up with James again seems fitting, even though many times they’ve had some bumps. It’s a different time and a different team.

Now, let’s go get this ring shall we?

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