Lakers News: Dwight Howard Still Mulling Over Return to Play

Dwight Howard may not join the Lakers in Orlando because of family reasons. Lakers general manager, Rob Pelinka, addressed the media today about Dwight Howard’s status, among other topics.

Pelinka said he is hopeful that Dwight Howard will be with the team in Orlando. He also mentioned that Dwight has not officially opted out at this point. However, he recognized the tough family circumstances the big man is still dealing with. Last month, Howard told reporters that his six-year-old son’s mother died earlier this year. Pelinka and the team are in constant contact with Dwight.

Dwight has averaged 19.2 minutes per game this season, but when he got starter minutes, he performed at a high level. In January, Dwight saw starter minutes in some games. He averaged 8.8 points on 67.1 percent shooting, 9.5 rebounds, and 1.6 blocks in 20.7 minutes per game. The 20.7 minutes per game were his highest minutes played this season, and his stats in January were his season-best. He will be a key piece in the Lakers’ success, allowing Anthony Davis to play power forward, while both are elite rim protectors.

However, there are bigger things than basketball. If Dwight does opt out of the NBA restart in Orlando, the organization and fans will understand the decision as family comes first. If Dwight were to opt-out, JaVale McGee could see some more playtime, as well as Devontae Cacok being given an opportunity to prove himself.

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