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Lakers News: LeBron Once Considered Playing For The NFL

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Yes, you read that right. We almost saw LBJ in a Cowboys uniform. How creepy would that have been?

In case you were wondering how this would have been possible, there was a time in 2011 when the NBA was in the midst of a lockout, and James was pondering the idea of playing pro football. Not many realize that James was being recruited by Ohio State while he played for St. Vincent/St. Mary’s.

James explained that he was exploring other options during the lockout on his show “Uninterrupted”…

“I had no idea how long the lockout was going to be, and myself and my trainer … we really started to actually train to be a football player. We started to clock our time in the 40, we started to add a little bit more to our bench presses and things of that nature.”

If you didn’t already know, James is a Dallas Cowboys fan (yes, I can see eyes rolling now), and what’s kind of funny about that is his longtime friend and business partner Maverick Carter let it out of the bag that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones actually offered James an NFL contract.

What a difference things would have been if James took the twist of fate towards a football career. I mean, he does have the build of a football player in a sense. James sitting at 6’9, 250 pounds is a no brainer for football. Even Los Angeles Clippers head coach stated that James would have been “the greatest football player ever” if he decided to play that instead of basketball.

In James’ junior year in high school, he had 57 receptions for 1,160 yards and 16 touchdowns. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Things obviously went a different route for James as he stuck with basketball. With 3 NBA titles, becoming the league’s third all-time leading scorer, and being one of the greatest players to step on the court, it seems to me he decided on the right sport.

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