Lakers News: LeBron James Posts Heartfelt Message To Fans

Heading into almost a month with no basketball it seems as everyone, including the players, are missing it dearly. The COVID-19 pandemic has left a big hole in the hearts of all sports lovers globally.

This goes for Lakers star LeBron James as well as he posts a heartfelt message and video to all Lakers fans.

Here’s what that message said.

#LakerNation I miss y’all so so much and putting on that uniform every night along with my brothers!!!

The last game played for LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers was on March 10 as they took the loss from the Brooklyn Nets 102-104. Unfortunately, those Nets ended up being an NBA organization that featured members who had contracted the Coronavirus.

Moreover, rumors swirled about two Lakers contracting the virus, but names were never disclosed.

If the season was still going on, the Lakers would have been in route to play the rival Sacramento Kings on Saturday, April 4th.

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