We know the 2019 Dodgers have been good. Losing 3 out of 4 to the Padres notwithstanding, the first half for Los Angeles checked off a lot of boxes.

The Dodgers are the leaders in baseball in a number of varying categories, including owning the most wins in baseball at the half-way mark. But a key stat they are running away with in the National League is Run Differential. Enter another opportunity to bring up all-time stats.

Yes, the Dodgers’ +129 run differential heading into the start of play in the second half is 70 (!) runs better than the Atlanta Braves, who sit at +59. Moreover, the Braves currently hold the second best record in the NL by a wide margin (6 games) and the Dodgers are leaving them in the dust.

Where this gets fun is when we look at other teams that have dominated at the level LA has coming out of the break. Of the 11 other teams to lead their league in run differential by 70 runs or more at the All-Star break, 9 have gone on to win the World Series.

And none of them were coming off of consecutive WS appearances.

You can read into these kind of numbers and stats any way you want, but it’s fun to look at history potentially being on the Dodgers’ side.

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