I love Chris Taylor – I think for the reasons we all do. Surely, he strikes out a lot. That’s a trend that is likely to continue. Still, Taylor is an incredibly valuable player to have on a roster.

Moreover, here’s a reason I will love the guy forever. And you should too.

Monday, Taylor joined David Vassegh on AM 570 to talk about a variety of topics. Furthermore, anyone who hasn’t played in the big leagues might wonder what it’s like to play second base as opposed to shortstop.

Taylor described the aggressive mindset needed to play second base effectively, and how the position differs from shortstop.

The biggest thing I fight is I don’t have the same aggressive mindset sometimes. There was a play earlier this spring and it was an in between hop that I know if I was playing shortstop I would have taken a couple steps back. You have to catch the ball at short and for whatever reason I tried to chest it up and the guy beat it out. Trying to carry over that mindset from shortstop to second is the biggest challenge.

Without question – if things break right for the Dodgers – Taylor won’t see much time at shortstop. This is because Dave Roberts tells us that Corey Seager is on the mend and will be ready for Opening Day.

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Taylor tells Vassegh that he embraces playing different positions, bouncing around. Equally important – he knows it helps him get into the lineup. If you look back at that the play he made in the NLCS in left field to help send the Dodgers to the World Series, you realize the value of a guy who can play anywhere on the diamond. Without question, I will be forever grateful for Taylor’s time as a Dodger and being one of the most versatile guys on the 25-man roster at any given point.

You can hear the entire interview with Taylor and Vassegh right here. runs about five minutes in total.

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