With the Los Angeles Dodgers’ major free agent signing of A.J. Pollock, the clubhouse is sure to react. Think about it, you’re part of a team coming off two straight World Series appearances. While you didn’t land Bryce Harper, your front office just added one of the nicest tier-B free agents on the market.

Walker Buehler’s reaction shouldn’t come as surprise. Interestingly, Buehler learned of the signing from a TMZ Sports cameraman. Buehler is enough of a mainstream star now that TMZ follows him around. They picked up a quote:

“We signed him today?! We signed him while I was on the plane?!”

The 24-year-old pitching phenom took the breaking news with a smile … and said he was stoked to have yet another All-Star on the team.

“That’s cool, man. He’s a good player. That’s cool, man. I’m excited!”

One wonders if Buehler realizes how ‘cool’ it could be. Moreover, Pollock will be playing a lot of defense up the middle when Buehler and others are pitching. This is a guy who was a 5.8 bWAR player in 2015. This is evidence of what kind of weapon the 31-year old outfielder can be when he’s healthy and going right.

In true TMZ fashion, they keep with the brand to let us know that Buehler has ‘done nothing but relax with his girlfriend since the World Series ended’. We are sure that they are privy to the countless hours of strength and conditioning work that Buehler and other players do. Therefore, they’re entitled to make such an irresponsible statement.

Nonetheless, we thank them for capturing the excitement quote of the 24-year old ace-in-waiting when he learned the Dodgers picked up a shiny new toy.

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