The Diamondbacks pulled off an incredible win on Wednesday, beating the Rockies 11-8 in the NL Wild Card game. The highlight of the game was probably Archie Bradley and his two-run triple! It was an intense game filled with edge-of-the-seat drama, and the drama just got a whole lot juicier.

On Thursday, Joel Sherman the New York Post released a story revealing that Diamondbacks’ coach Ariel Prieto is being investigated by Major League Baseball for wearing an electronic watch during the NL Wild Card game. In case you didn’t know, the Red Sox were recently fined for doing this exact thing earlier in the season.

From the New York Post:

“Ariel Prieto has assured us that this was a simple oversight and honest mistake,” the team said. “The watch he wore last night was absolutely not used in any way related to our game and we will make certain prior to the NLDS that it will not be an issue again. Ariel takes full responsibility and feels terrible that this has been a distraction of any kind.”

After this happened with the Red Sox, Commissioner Rob Manfred said this, courtesy of Mark Feinsand:

Moreover, all 30 clubs have been notified that future violations of this type will be subject to more serious sanctions, including the possible loss of draft picks.

Commissioner Rob Manfred stated that he notified every team about this and stated that future violations would result in more serious sanctions. It’s pretty hard to imagine that, after being told this my Commissioner Manfred, the Diamondbacks would allow this to happen. Joel Sherman also tweeted that, though the investigation has not concluded, it doesn’t seem like this is a case of Red Sox Part 2. We will see what comes of it and update this piece further as new information is released!

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