The Dodgers just continue to make history; however, this time it’s for all of the wrong reasons.

Sunday’s loss against the Rockies went down in the history books in a few different ways. Eric Stephen of True Blue LA noted them all below and boy are they gut-wrenching.

The Dodgers were absolutely destroyed today, with a final score of 8-1. The single run came from Alex Verdugo’s first major league home run, which was the only positive to come out of today’s game.

After the game, Dave Roberts spoke with the media and, again, just seems confused and frustrated. This is a new look for Doc, who is usually very positive and level-headed.

Here are some of the best quotes from Roberts this afternoon:

We have a frustrated clubhouse. A very frustrated, upset clubhouse. There’s really no explanation. We have to find a way to win a game.

I know the coaching staff, I know the players are preparing each day. I know that. I believe that. And outside of that, the players got to go out there and play.

Our guys do a good job of focusing on that next day. And right now they’re upset. There’s frustration, anger.

You can watch the full video here.

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Justin Turner also gave fans a look inside of the clubhouse and he kept it as real as it gets. He spoke about the team’s most recent slump and referred to himself and his teammates as the “worst team in baseball.” Unfortunately, he is not wrong with that statement, considering the Dodgers are the only team this season to lose 10 games in a row.

There doesn’t seem to be an exact problem that is causing the Dodgers to play like this. The blame can be equally shared between poor pitching, silent offense, and questionable calls from Dave Roberts. The only thing that is certain is that we have seen the Dodgers be the best team in baseball.

With a starting four of Clayton Kershaw, Yu Darvish, Alex Wood, and Rich Hill, and relievers like Kenley Jansen and Brandon Morrow, it is only a matter of time before the pitching comes around. With hitters like Chris Taylor, Corey Seager, Justin Turner, Cody Bellinger, and Yasiel Puig, it is only a matter of time before the bats come around.

This is what makes it so frustrating. The names and talent is undoubtedly there, it’s just a matter of when they will be able to connect the dots again and start winning. Hopefully that “when” comes in San Francisco against the Giants.

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