Dodgers News: Trevor Bauer To Giveback to Nonprofit Youth Organizations

This season will be really special for newcomer Trevor Bauer. It’ll be his first season playing for his hometown team, his first season playing on a historic contract, and a season in which high expectations are placed on him to help the Dodgers repeat as champions.

While those are some great motivational thoughts for him to have, one aspect of this season may give him the most incentive to exceed expectations. According to Dodger Insider, Trevor Bauer has launched a giveback initiative that will last all season. He will donate $1,000, to help support youth nonprofits, for every strikeout he accumulates this season. 

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Coming to the Dodgers, there was a lot of stigma surrounding the 30-year old pitcher for his antics on the field and irregular behavior. Say what you will about him, but no one can deny that this is a classy move. In his last full season, Bauer punched out 256 batters while he fanned 100 last year during the shortened season. 

There’s little standing in the way of him achieving or even exceeding that mark again this season. Many will be supporting Bauer in the hopes he helps lead Los Angeles to another title in 2021, but now they have even more reason to cheer for him every fifth day. Rack up those K’s Bauer. Do it for the children!

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