Dodgers: League Announces Starting Dates for all Minor League Seasons

In another sign of a return to normalcy, Major League Baseball officially announced that there will in fact be a minor league season in 2021.

The news was announced early Thursday morning, as The Athletic’s Lindsey Adler shared a press release by the league.

According to the release, all levels of the minor leagues are expected to play this year, with Triple-A having their Opening Day on April 6th. Double-A and Single-A clubs would follow one month later, opening up their campaigns on May 4th.

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The announcement comes as good news for fans as well as the teams themselves, giving both the chance to watch the young talent across their organizations. For the players themselves, however, this marks an end to the unprecedented work stoppage brought by the pandemic. Many players lost their only source of income when the minor league season was canceled, and it may take time for these affiliates to fully recover from 2020. Now that the season has been made official, these players can go back to playing the game they love and getting paid for it.

The Dodgers will be happy to once again have their development pipeline up and running, as many top prospects missed out on the chance to improve their games last year. For last year’s draft picks Bobby Miller, Landon Knack, Clayton Beeter, and Jake Vogel, this will also mark their first opportunity to show what they can do over the course of a minor league season.

The Triple-A season is set to have a total of 142 games while Double and Single-A affiliates will have a total of 120 regular-season games.

For more information on the Dodgers’ affiliates, you can click on the links below:

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