Dodgers News: Los Angeles Artist Paints Mural of Tommy Lasorda

The late Tommy Lasorda was such a huge figure not only for the sport of baseball but for the city of Los Angeles itself. Everyone has a favorite memory or moment of the Hall of Fame manager as he always left quite the impression.  To enrapture what he truly meant to all Dodger fans, local artist/muralist Gustavo Zermeño Jr. painted a mural in his honor.

The mural seems to feature Lasorda in different phases with the Dodgers as well as No. 2 laid out on the outfield in Dodger Stadium. He can be seen wearing a Brooklyn Dodgers uniform which could signal his time with the club as a pitcher. Tommy can also be seen holding the Commissioner’s Trophy as well as embracing fans with his arms out wide. Zermeño also capped off the mural with a quote from the man himself saying, “The only Angels in Los Angeles are in Heaven, and they’re looking down on the Dodgers.”

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While the pandemic has made it impossible for fans to rightfully pay their respects to the Dodger legend, they can at least visit the mural which is based in LA. Tommy’s mural is painted on the wall outside of SportieLA. The business can be found in the Fairfax District on the corner of Melrose Avenue and N Genesee Avenue. 

Zermeño has painted other amazing and icon murals in the past. He’s responsible for a couple of Kobe Bryant after his passing, one of Alex Caruso dunking over opposing players, rapper Nipsey Hussle, Selena Quintanilla, and more. You can check out and support his work here. 

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