Dodger News: MLB Releases Next 10 World Series Predictions

Upon finally capturing that elusive World Series title after a 32-year drought, the Dodgers are surely hungry for more. Even with the departure of members from their championship team, Los Angeles is loaded with enough talent to get the job done. is fully aware of that as the site released its predictions for who will meet and win the next 10 World Series. The predictions have the Dodgers slated to be in the World Series in 2021 against the New York Yankees and well as in 2022 where they are predicted to face the Anaheim Angels. While the Dodgers and Yankees matchup seems realistic, a Dodgers-Angels World Series seems like more of a stretch until the Angels solve their pitching problem. Both cases have the Dodgers coming out on top which would make three straight World Series titles.

However, after that, the prediction has the Dodgers going on another title drought as they watch the San Diego Padres reach the World Series in 2023 and 2024. Don’t worry, we won’t have to wait another 32 years for another title as Los Angeles could face the Detroit Tigers in 2028.

The next two to three seasons may be a bit easier to predict, but after that, it’s uncertain how these predictions could turn out, especially for the Dodgers. Who knows maybe they can accomplish more than a 3-peat performance, or they lose control of the NL West in the future. I’m pretty sure we’ll all take the first possibility. One thing is for certain, these Los Angeles Dodgers will be a force to reckon with for years to come.  

How do you feel about the predictions? Do the Dodgers win more? Let us know in the comments!

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