News: Los Angeles Named Best Sports City of 2020

Los Angeles has been known to be a city where your wildest dreams can come true. People from all backgrounds and walks of life come to this great city seeking a way to do just that. Even athletes are drawn here to compete in a region that houses so many successful sports franchises. Take the Lakers and Dodgers for example, who both not only dominated during their seasons but achieved ultimate greatness by winning their respective leagues’ Championship.

LA’s successful year isn’t over just yet as it was named the best sports city of 2020 by the Sports Business Journal. 

Being home to two championship teams in one year will lead to something as amazing as this. While the world around us felt like it was in chaos, sports has been the main distraction from it all. People will always try and downplay the achievements of both teams during a whacky and unpredictable year, but Los Angeles sports fans know the truth of how difficult it was for their teams this year. Whether it be playing with no fans in attendance, being separated from family members for long periods of time, or having the season abruptly pause only to have it start again with no guarantee that it would be completed. 

Though this recognition is significant for the city of Los Angeles, it may just be the beginning of what’s to come. Both the Lakers and Dodgers are keen on repeating their 2020 seasons. Add in the fact that the Rams may be serious contenders to make a run of their own and the City of Angels may truly become the City of Champions in 2021. 

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